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California has always been a consistent leader in setting lofty environmental goals and encouraging others to follow suit.

Mana, Allison & Associates embraces the need for climate change and now has our own Green Initiative. Whether it is working with a LEEDS certified caterer, a sustainable venue or a low emissions transportation provider, we are constantly looking for new ways to positively impact our environment on a daily basis.

Primary Elements of our Green Initiative:

• Offer tours and activities with an emphasis on low carbon
   emissions such as walking, kayaking and bicycling, wineries
   practicing biodynamic and organic farming, and organic
   culinary classes

• Emphasis on transportation using EGR technology, biodiesel
   or biodiesel blends

• Making use of more compostable as well as recyclable

• Incorporating Green décor options including live plants,
   natural and organic elements

• Emphasis on the use of local supplies and products

• Recycling internally including printing, signage, bottles and

• Recycling externally including empty water bottles, cans,
   extra supplies, florals and more

• More hybrid vehicles, in-house as well as from our vendors

• Working with vendors that mirror our concern for the

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